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Ubuntu Budgie 19.10

It’s not as configurable as KDE Plasma or XFCE but it is pretty slick.

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Ubuntu Budgie 19.10 on my desktop PC

First off, I don’t know if it is the distro or the adjustments I’ve made but the issues I had with Manjaro on this PC no longer exist. I’ve been running this distro on this machine for a few months now and I have made serveral changes including updating the BIOS and changing some BIOS settings so that may have been the fix. Previous issues aside, even if both worked without any problems I think I like this distro better. While I do still prefer KDE/Plasma or XFCE, Budgie actually is pretty good. While I don’t have the plethora of configuration options of the other two desktop environments, the things that exist in Budgie work really well. It is very clean looking and the Ubuntu base makes it easy to get everything I need up and running. I do miss the never ending list of software available in the AUR, I am able to get most everything I want installed in Ubuntu. I did run into a couple of issues with games that worked in Proton on Manjaro didn’t work right away in Ubuntu Budgie but after a couple of Proton tweaks I was able to get them working. Also a couple native games that didn’t work in Manjaro ended up working in Ubuntu Budgie. Overall I am rather pleased with this setup and plan to keep it around for the forseeable future.

Ubuntu Budgie