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Arch KDE

It took some time, tinkering, and reading but it works quite well.

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Arch on my HP Pavilion dm1

I decided it was time to sit down and do a proper Arch install. It took some time and quite a bit of reading but I got it working. As I continue the search for to perfect distro for my old HP Pavilion dm1 I figured Arch may be the perfect fit since you can make it what you want. I still have OpenMandriva running on this laptop so I worked my way through the Arch install wiki making sure not to kill my existing distro while setting this up. After the base setup both distros were able to boot, so far so good. I spent some time considering which DE/WM to go with and for the sake of simplicity and time I went with a minimal KDE/Plasma setup but skipped SDDM for startx. Not long after I was able to boot an launch Plasma with no issues. At this point I needed to get all the little pieces working. A couple quick installs later I had working audio, power management, and wifi. With everything working I installed the programs I regularly use and was in business. With a working system in hand I can say I have no desire to keep OpenMandriva around on this machine anymore. Arch provides a fast Plasma experience with only what I want/need installed. It doesn’t make this laptop suddenly great but it is the best setup so far and if I decide to throw together a Fluxbox setup I think I can make it run even better.