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KDE All The Things

Recently I have gone on a tear and reloaded all my machines and all of them are now running KDE Plasma.

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Debian Sid on my Acer C720

Let’s start with the machine that kicked this all off. In a previous post I wrote about how I reloaded my Acer C720 with Debian Sid and how thrilled I was with it. This started this whole process. I decided I really liked my Debian Sid install and with how good KDE Plasma was working for me, I wanted to try it on other machines and see how different distros did with it.

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Debian Sid on my Dell XPS 13 9350

First up was my main machine. I had been running Kubuntu 20.04 which had been upgraded from Disco Dingo. It had been running fine but had build up a decent amount of crud over time and the LTS was starting to hit that point where it felt like I was getting stuck with old packages. With how much I liked Debian Sid I decided that was what I wanted to use on my main machine. After a couple weeks of being installed I am quite happy with it. It even past the “working during an out-of-town trip” test.

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EndeavourOS on my Lenovo Flex 2-15

I was a fan of Antergos and have been keeping an eye on EndeavourOS since its creation. Typically I’d install it with XFCE but this time I went with KDE Plasma and it is definitely a keeper. It has the latest packages and the AUR which is great. Only issue I have hit is that I have broke a package or two. Minor issues and not enough to be a deal breaker for me.

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Kubuntu 21.04 on my Macbook Air 11” (Mid 2013)

Of course I had to try out the newest Kubuntu. Kubuntu won me back during the Disco Dingo release and it is still a great KDE Plasma distro. I had been running Xubuntu on this machine but I wanted to upgrade from the LTS so why not make the jump to Kubuntu? It is the same Kubuntu that had been doing great for me but now comes with the newer version of Plasma (which is great).

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Fedora 34 on my Dell Vostro 220

I gave Fedora 34 a swing while I was at it and for the most part it was pretty good. I did run into two issue though.

  1. It keeps telling me I have updates even though it is updated
  2. Shutting down hangs most of the time

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KDE Neon 5.21 on my HP Pavilion dm1

If I’m gonna try KDE on everything I should probably include Neon. I like Neon and at one point it was my daily driver. That said I’m not sure how I feel about pkcon and being based on Ubuntu LTS means that packages will start feeling stale between base updates.

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Manjaro ARM on my Raspberry Pi 4

Now for the hard test, how does KDE run on ARM. I went with Manjaro because they seem to be ahead of everyone else with ARM support. The last time I tried KDE on ARM it was KDE Neon on the Pinebook 1080p and it was rough. Everything worked but really slowly. In the case of Manjaro on the Pi 4 it is actually decent. It is not the fastest thing around but it works. If you are doing something that uses a decent amount of CPU though like updating packages it will slow to a crawl. I wouldn’t use this as my daily driver but it would work in a pinch. This all comes down to the Pi 4 though, the Manjaro KDE build on it is great and I would love to run it on a more powerful ARM system.

I still have a couple machine to reload with KDE but I need to find the time to reload more machines I don’t use much. I’d like to get OpenSuSe Tumbleweed on one and maybe Solus or Mageia on another.





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