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Fedora LXQt 28

When Korora announced it would be packing it in I realized I needed a new distro for my C720.

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Fedora LXQt 28 on my Acer C720

Korora XFCE 26 has been working great for me since its release but without upkeep it will quickly become a security issue. Since I have been keeping an eye on LXQt since it was still RazorQt, I decided to go with either Lubuntu NEXT or Fedora LXQt 28. However, Lubuntu NEXT isn’t a “proper” distro yet (and the live image gave me the feeling it would require more tweaking that I want to do) I went with Fedora. I keep trying LXQt hoping it is ready but after less than a week on my secondary laptop, it still is not where I need it to be. First problem was every time the machine boot it covered the login screen with the onscreen keyboard (I was able to fix this by uninstalling the onscreen keyboard). The next issue, it was showing 2 different network icons in the system tray. After some adjustments I was able to fix this as well. I also ran into SMB shares not working (had to install gvfs). On top of these, I kept running into little issues that made it feel like I would never get it adjusted to suit me. In the end I gave up an installed Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 which has been great so far. I immediately noticed how much more put together it feels. I know it is still pretty early days for LXQt and plan to take it for another spin for Fedora 29 and Lubuntu 18.10.