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Fedora 30 KDE

I started out trying Fedora 30’s KDE spin on an old laptop. It ended up being too slow but I had an old desktop in need of a distro and found the perfect fit.

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Fedora 30 KDE on my Dell Vostro 220

I first installed this on my HP Pavilion dm1 laptop, it ran so-so but it was not a great fit. I liked the distro but the speed issue continued to pop up. So I looked slightly to my left and said “That PC needs an OS”. Moments later I had Fedora 30’s KDE spin up-and-running on my Dell Vostro 220. It is by no means a great PC but that is one of the great things about Linux, you don’t need killer hardware to have a good experience. I’ve had this setup for a week or so and the only complaint I have is Fedora 30’s new default wallpaper is nowhere near as good as Fedora 29’s (which was awesome). Fedora’s installer, Anaconda, may be the best installer around so the install was smooth. I encountered no hardware issues and minimal extra software cleanup. For what I am using this for (writing this post for one thing), it runs great. I’ve put my normal programs on it with minimal fuss. SynologyDrive required running the deb file through alien and ignoring dependancies to get installed but that was the most effort I’ve put into it. To get the proper Fedora experience I even installed Telegram through Flatpak. This setup quickly became my go-to for when I am setting at my desk and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. As for the dm1, I’m still throwing different distros at it to find a good fit.