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Fedora Cinnamon 30

I like Fedora’s Cinnamon spin but I don’t think this laptop has the power to use it.

alt text

Fedora Cinnamon 30 on my HP Pavilion dm1

I replaced Fedora on my Macbook Air after the upgrade from Fedora 29 to 30 went a bit sideways but I did like the distro and wanted to keep it going on some hardware. In this case though I don’t think the CPU has what it takes to make this useful. Before getting into this, here are the laptop’s specs.

  • Model: HP Pavilion dm1
  • CPU: AMD E-350 1.66GHz
  • RAM: 3GB

While running this I never saw the RAM get maxed out but the CPU frequently was pegged and even while doing nothing I could feel the laptop getting warmer. Right after installing the distro I noticed that one core was consisently running at 100%. Htop pointed to Python3 as the main offender. After doing a dnf upgrade this calmed down so it seems like a quirk with the inital software versions. Still though there was a decent load on the CPU at all times. The distro itself worked as good as version 29 did on my Macbook it just ran much slower. After poking at it for about it week I’ve realized it feels almost as slow as my Pinebook making this setup a no-go. So far my plan going forward it to partition up the drive and try out Fedora’s KDE/Plasma and XFCE spins as well as OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE/Plasma and XFCE. I’d prefer to use KDE/Plasma but depending on how it runs I may have to scale back and go with XFCE.