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Fedora 32 XFCE

I’ve always liked Fedora but I don’t like Gnome and the XFCE spin isn’t the prettiest.

alt text

Fedora 32 XFCE spin

Back when Korora still existed I used to run it because I liked the Fedora base and the good XFCE setup. Recenty I decided I wanted to get Fedora up and running again but knew I needed to shine up their XFCE spin a bit for me to be willing to use it.So I installed the Fedora XFCE spin on one laptop and pulled my Xubuntu laptop up next to it to compare. After adjusting Fedora to get a similar look I was decntly happy with it. The to top it off I set the wallpaper to the old Fedora 29 one as it was my favorite Fedora wallpaper. On the old laptop I installed it on, Fedora actually runs quite well and has given me a reason to use that laptop again. I even tried to match up the software installed. The Fedora repos definitely have less in them so I had to resort to universal package formats. While I have no issue with Snap, I wanted to stick with the Fedora way of things and used Flatpak. Again there was less available but I was able to get the majority of what I was looking for. I have had this running for over a month now and plan to keep it around so I can keep up with Fedora and do some testing.