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Fedora 33 Fluxbox

I can’t seem to resist trying to built my perfect Fluxbox setup on every distro I like.

alt text

Fedora 33 running Fluxbox on my HP Pavilion dm1

With this laptop running the Fedora 33 XFCE spin like I champ, I felt the need to see if I could put together a Fluxbox setup which I could enjoy using. I think all the times I have done similar with Manjaro and Ubuntu are starting to stick. I was able to get things up and going rather quick and think I am as pleased with this setup as I was with my Manjaro Fluxbox setup. Rather than be content with this, I have already started setting up Openbox and i3 sessions on the same machine. Not sure if they will ever get finished or used but it is fun to try to put together the perfect config to fit your needs.