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Fedora 33 XFCE & Lubuntu 20.10

Two distros that keep an ancient laptop humming along

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Fedora 33 XFCE spin on my HP Pavilion dm1

I’ve had this laptop cruzing along with the Fedora 32 XFCE spin for a while now so it is no surprise that the Fedora 33 XFCE spin works just as well. Rather than upgrading I did a clean install to go with the new default btrfs filesystem and so far so good. Using the same process as Fedora 32, I had Fedora 33 running like I never left in no time. My only gripe is that Fedora 33 continues the tradition (since Fedora 30) of having a default wallpaper I hate. This is why I still stick with the Fedora 29 wallpaper which I continue to feel is awesome. Function-wise Fedora works good but it continues to suffer when compared to Ubuntu’s repos. Luckily Flatpak continues to gain more software to fill this gap. Besides the default wallpaper, software availability is my only knock against Fedora.


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Lubuntu 20.10 on my HP Pavilion dm1

Since RazorQt came to be I have been interested in it and have continued to follow it through the merger to LXQt. After Lubuntu made the switch from LXDE to LXQt I felt it was the nicest LXQt configuration and have been checking in on it with every release. When Lubuntu 20.04 came out I started running it in a VM. It wasn’t perfect but I thought it was getting really close to being the awesome, light-weight distro that Lubuntu was when it used LXDE. That Lubuntu 20.04 VM is still chugging along like a champ so I figure for 20.10 I had to put it on some real hardware. So I decided to dual boot this old laptop and it actually turned out really well. Lubuntu runs great and gets another step closer to being my go to distro for old machines. I’m not a fan of the new boot screen and I still think LXQt needs a wallpaper chooser with thumbnails but those a minor issues. On a good note the new default wallpaper looks good enough I don’t feel the need to fiddle with the wallpaper chooser. With the Ubuntu base I have everything I need through the repos or deb files making it a tough choice between Lubuntu and the Fedora XFCE spin.