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Kubuntu 19.04

Welp, so much for the 2019 laptop starting lineup. I ended up switching out every laptop starting with my XPS 13.

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Kubuntu 19.04 on my Dell XPS 13

While KDE Neon had been pretty great for me, I started running into a few quirks that caused me to go looking for a change. The main issue I kept running into were issues with the handful of GTK apps I use. Xubuntu 19.04 was my first attempt. I had been testing Xubuntu 19.04 on some other hardware and really liked it so I went ahead and set it up on my XPS 13. While it worked pretty well, something about how it looked on my 1080p screen really bothered me. So from there I made the jump to Ubuntu MATE 19.04. Ubuntu MATE looked a lot better but between my system tray icons being messed up (Synology Drive and InSync) and some of the general way it was designed, I couldn’t get comfortable with the workflow. In the end this led me back to Plasma and Kubuntu 19.04. I haven’t ran into the issues with GTK apps that I had with Neon and the newer packages made it fit nicely. Now being a couple weeks into this setup I can say the only issue I have is with GIMP. If I open it from the launcher it is perfect but if I open a file with it directly the theme is a bit wonky. I don’t find this to be too big of an issue and plan to stick with Kubuntu on the laptop for a while.