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Kubuntu 19.10

Kubuntu was my favorite distro from 7.04 until they switched to KDE4. Then when 19.04 came out I went back to using it as my main OS. With Kubuntu 19.10 it continues to be a fantastic distro.

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Kubuntu 19.10 on my Dell XPS 13

After starting to use Kubuntu as my main distro not long after 19.04 came out, I quickly realized just how good it had become. So when 19.10 was released I had no worries about upgrading. I ended up having to wait a week or two for the upgrade to go live but just as I thought, the upgrade went through without a hitch. Everything still looks good, all my programs continue to work, and what Steam games I can run with the integrated Intel graphics work great. I’m actually sitting here typing on it now and trying to think or any problems or issues I’ve had with it and cannot come up with anything. The only thing I can come up with is the fact that when I try other distros I keep running into things where I think to myself about how “X” works better in Kubuntu.