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LMDE2 MATE on a Netbook

I recently dug out my old Dell Inspiron 9 netbook and decided to get it loaded with an up-to-date OS.

alt text

LMDE2 MATE on my Dell Inspiron Mini 9

I don’t use this machine often due to it being old (it came with Ubuntu Hardy installed), slow, having a low resolution, and lacking a battery. I decided to go with the MATE version of LMDE. I’m running this on another machine which chugs away without a problem so I felt confident with this choice. I quickly learned this netbook shouldn’t exist anymore as I couldn’t even see the installer buttons due to the low resolution. With some guessing about how many times I needed to press tab to get to the next screen I eventually got through the installer. I reboot and everything worked right away. While I was happy with this I really wish they would release updated install media. The newest LMDE media is from March 2015 making me need to run over a year’s worth of updates. This distro comes with Firefox which is ok but I ended up installing Midori (why is this not in the repo?) due to how slow this machine is. In the end I got this little machine setup and found it to be decent for playing Spotify or doing light web browsing. Would I use it as a daily machine? No chance but I can take it outside (as long as I have an outlet) and stream music without worrying about breaking it.