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While looking through my old VMs I found this guy. I made this VM while distro hopping a few years back so I could keep working versions for a few things as I bounced between distros trying to find the right fit. I didn’t know I still had this and it made me remember how I thought LMDE was a great idea.

alt text

Before getting it updated

alt text

After all updates and cleanup were done

It was originally billed as a rolling release that would use Debian testing with all the ease of LinuxMint. After short time problems kept arising and the Mint team completely overhauled it with LMDE2. LMDE2 is not a rolling release and is based on Debian stable. It’s not like Debian comes out with new releases often so that wasn’t a big deal but it did mean the packages would be even more dated. The original LMDE was an interesting idea that I thought would be great, but instead it became a battle to keep a working system and eventually ended up in a lot of manual tweaking. So after creating a snapshot of this machine I figured I’d try my hand at getting it updated. Right off the bat I had issues. Most of the repos I had were dead. I was able to update a few Mint specific packages and as part of this my repos were updated. I got it as far as an “apt-get upgrade” would take me (the 1st screenshot) it was now time for an “apt-get dist-upgrade” which I figured would completely destroy it. Surprisingly it did boot after but I had errors and weird issues. I found most of my errors were due to hal being killed off. After removing it most of the errors were gone. Updating the VBox guest additions also helped out a bit. The rest of my issues seemed to be from an XFCE upgrade that took place during my updates. This one took a bit to figure out but after clearing my cached and saved XFCE sessions it looks like all is well. With the problems I had when using this I never imaged that years later I’d be able to get it up-to-date after not touching it for so long.