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Manjaro 16.08 XFCE/Fluxbox/Openbox

Another new Manjaro release is out and it doesn’t look like the Fluxbox or Openbox spins will be updated anytime soon. This gave me a reason to figure out what I needed to do to set them up on my own.

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Manjaro 16.08 XFCE on my HP Pavilion dm1

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Manjaro 16.08 with Fluxbox on my HP Pavilion dm1

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Manjaro 16.08 with Openbox on my HP Pavilion dm1

I’m not a huge Openbox user but I really like Fluxbox. I started with Manjaro XFCE 16.08 and added in Fluxbox and Openbox to the install. I started by basing it off the last releases for both and tweaking it to my liking so all 3 have a number of similarities. I reused a number of applications between them to cut down on the extra junk I needed to install. I ended up going with most of the Manjaro XFCE default programs (thunar, mousepad, xfce4-terminal) since they were already there and they worked without an issue. For this project I used an old HP Pavilion dm1 laptop that I had sitting around and now that I have the process down I am starting to setup my Dell XPS 13 the same way. While the dm1 is slow it runs all 3 desktops great. The only time you feel how much older and slower it is, is when you are opening a few apps (Chrome, Wmail, Slack) or compiling a program through yaourt (Chrome takes forever!). Overall this process has been great for learning differences between Fluxbox and Openbox and figuring out how they are configured. I plan to add a few more desktops into the mix eventually so I can learn more about them as well. I’ve also starting working on building them from just the Manjaro net edition to slim it down some more but there are a few things I need to get worked out before that will be ready for real hardware.