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Pinebook Manjaro LXQt 19.06

So close, so incredibly close…

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Manjaro 19.06 LXQt on my Pinebook

It was quick, nice, and easy to use but one issue killed it for me. From running this I can now say LXQt is ready. Once I got it tweaked to my liking it worked great. I like Manjaro, LXQt was working for me, but the wifi is incredibly flakey. Of all the OSs I’ve tried on the Pinebook this ran the best. I really wanted to install it to the eMMC but I couldn’t. I was unable to get ahold of the script everyone mentions to install to the eMMC but this is probably for the best. The wifi shows as connected but it does not work. I cannot ping a hostname or an IP a lot of the time. If they can get these two issues squared away I’m pretty sure I’d have no issues blowing away KDE Neon to run this.