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Manjaro Openbox 18.0.4

It’s not Fluxbox but it is quite good.

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Manjaro Openbox 18.0.4 on my Acer C720

The old Manjaro Fluxbox edition was my favorite but unfortunatly it stopped at the end of 2015. I’ve been keeping an eye on Manjaro Openbox edition lately and finally decided I needed to put it on some real hardware and what better machine than my C720 which used to run the Fluxbox edition. One thing immediatly noticable is it is faster. Faster than Xubuntu 19.04 on the same machine even. Second thing I noticed is it has some quirks. Nothing big but some things, like zsh as the default shell, which are not the normal choices. It also doesn’t have a lot of extra software preinstalled which I appreciated since it means less to remove. There are some adjustments I needed to make in how I use the machine due to this being a window manager ran than a full desktop environment but once you get in the flow it works great. I wish all the big distros had a prebuilt Openbox or Fluxbox spin because every time I use something like this I am amazed by how fast and well it works.