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Manjaro 18.1.3 KDE

I used to run Manjaro XFCE as my main distro and KDE is my favorite desktop environment so this should be great right …right?

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Manjaro 18.1.3 KDE on my desktop PC

A few months back I finally decided to evict the last remaining Windows install I had. Since it was installed on my desktop PC that I use primarily for gaming I decided to go with Manjaro. I keep hearing how Manjaro is great for gaming and I have ran Manjaro numerous times on different machines so it seemed like a sure bet. In the past I have gone with the XFCE, Fluxbox (when it existed), and Openbox spins of Manjaro but with how much I’ve been liking KDE/Plasma lately I went with that version of Manjaro. While this isn’t a bad distro, I keep running into tiny “papercut” issues which finally made me decide I needed a change.

The first issue I ran into are these occasional crashes that cause the system to reboot. That is the type of behavior I expect from Windows not Linux. In fact, I actually never had crashes on this machine when it was running Windows. To be fair, I think this issue may have been fixed recently though as I have not had it happen in the last two weeks but I’m still a bit nervous it may happen again. My next issue is that when I walk away from the machine for a while and it turns off the monitors I cannot get them to come back. This issue, similar to my first, may have been fixed as I have not seen it lately. However, I cannot say for sure since I do not leave this machine on a lot when I am not using it.

Some other things I have noticed are weird issues with Steam. Some games that I have no issue playing on my much less powerful laptop have odd issues on this PC. While in Kubuntu I can just install Steam and go, in Manjaro I had to install additional packages and make a lot tweaks to get things working. Speaking of making tweaks, getting virt-manager working has been another hassle. I even installed it using the instructions from the Manjaro wiki and had to make further adjustments before it would work. While I do have it working for connecting to other machines, I wouldn’t say it is fully working as running a VM locally seems to have incredibly slow disk I/O. There are other issues as well but that may be more of how I use things and want them to work rather than true issues.

I really wanted this to work out (seriously, I don’t want to have to rebuild this machine) but there is a limit to the amount of effort I’m willing to put into a gaming PC. I’m leaving open the possibility of this being a hardware issue, but in order to prove it I need to try somethings else. I’m going to go with something else Ubuntu based as everything that I am currently running on an Ubuntu base is quite solid.