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Recreating Manjaro Fluxbox

Fluxbox may not be for everyone but I’ve always liked it.

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Manjaro 19 with Fluxbox

The Manjaro Fluxbox spin’s last release was December of 2015. At that time I was running it on this same laptop and really liked it. I tried to keep that install alive for quite a while but eventually gave up and moved on to something else. As time went on there were a growing number of breakages and without the Fluxbox spin being maintained it became too much of a hassle to keep running. Recently I’d been thinking about that distro and decided I’d try to recreate it using an up-to-date version of Manjaro. To start I spun up a virtual machine with Manjaro Fluxbox 15.12 and copied out the Fluxbox config files. I then installed the prerelease of Manjaro 19 XFCE on my laptop. From there I installed Fluxbox and the programs listed in the Fluxbox startup config. After copying the old config files to my laptop, I logged in using Fluxbox. It was a mess but the base was there to start. From there I installed missing programs and adjusted themes until I had a usable system. With the system usable I then started tweaking settings and swapping out applications until I had everything to my liking. It is not an exact recreation of the old Fluxbox version (my tastes have changed therefore so have the applications I use) but I really like it. I’m still trying to solve a couple paper cut issues but they are minor and I can always login to XFCE if I like.