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Manjaro with JWM

With how well Fluxbox has been working for me in Manjaro I decided to try another window manager.

alt text

Manjaro 20 with JWM

After running Fluxbox for a few months I figured why not see how JWM would work. I started with the default JWM config (which isn’t to bad to begin with) and started piecing together things in a similar setup as I have for Fluxbox. With a little help from reviewing the Arco JWM config I was able to get JWM configured to the point that I may like it ever more than Fluxbox. One thing that jumped out at me was how much easier the config files are to read. Everything felt much more straightforward than Fluxbox. After getting things working the way I wanted I actually went back to my Fluxbox and XFCE systems and incorporated some of the apps and config I picked up during the JWM setup. It is earliy days for this setup still so we’ll have to see if it lasts or if another window manager may be in this system’s future.