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Manjaro 20.2 i3

The tiling windows manager workflow is interesting and I can think of some specific uses for it but I don’t know if it suites my needs.

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Manjaro 20.2 i3 on my old Dell Vostro 220

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Manjaro 20.2 i3 on my Pinebook

Manjaro makes a nice, simple, and easy to use i3 spin. I have been running this on an old Dell Vostro 220 and Pinebook for a while now but I find the workflow of i3 (and tiling WMs in general) doesn’t really fit my needs. I can get work done on it but I seem to always be working around the tiling rather than having it work for me. On the Pinebook it makes sense as I can’t run much at once but on a machine where I am trying do multiple things at once I end up spending too much time getting the layout to just right. As someone who really likes floating WMs I know I can float the windows and make it work for me but at that point why not just use a floating WM to begin with? As a distro I think Manjaro’s i3 spin is great but for me it just doesn’t fit my needs.