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More Multisystem fixes (Manjaro)

I’ve ran into an issue where when I add Manjaro to Multisystem it overwrites the existing Manjaro distro on the drive. This is because it always creates a folder called “manjaro”. To get around this we need to change some names.

alt text

Multiple Manjaro spins in Multisystem

First add the distro to the drive. Rename the manjaro folder to something else. Since I was using LXQt I changed the folder name to “manjaro-lxqt”. After doing this you need to update the references to the folder in the grub.cfg. Since it adds an entry for free and nonfree there are 6 spots that need updated total. The entry below is the nonfree entry, note the 3 spots where it says “manjaro-lxqt”.

linux /manjaro-lxqt/boot/x86_64/manjaro misobasedir=manjaro-lxqt misolabel=MULTISYSTEM nouveau.modeset=0 i915.modeset=1 radeon.modeset=0 nonfree=yes logo.nologo overlay=nonfree quiet splash showopts
initrd /manjaro-lxqt/boot/x86_64/manjaro.img

After updating grub.cfg, update grub then you can add the next Manjaro spin. It will also create a folder called “manjaro”. You can continue adding versions as long as you update folder names and references to them. I typically rename even the last one I add just incase I want to add another one down the road.