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KDE Neon 5.15.5

KDE Neon is still awesome.

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KDE Neon on my Macbook Air

Since its release I’d been running been running Fedora 29 (with XFCE and Cinnamon) on my Macbook Air and it was great but the update to Fedora 30 made things go sideways. After the upgrade I kept needing to reconfige the wifi card after every kernal update and the trackpad was pretty much useless. With my recent move from KDE Neon to Kubuntu on my XPS this gave me the perfect place to keep KDE Neon. After installing KDE Neon on my Macbook Air everything worked right away, no tweaking necessary. With its Ubuntu base I was able to install everything I needed with no fuss. The only issue I have is the older software in the repo due to the LTS base but I can work past that.