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Laptop starting lineup for 2019

Another year has gone by and it is time to take a look at what I am currently running on my laptops. After giving away a laptop and picking up a Pinebook I have the count down to five.

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KDE Neon 5.14 running on my Dell XPS 13 9350

My primary laptop is a Dell XPS 13 9350. I have had this for a few years and have been running KDE Neon on it since I first heard about it. I reloaded it when the 18.04 update came out to clear away the crud that had built up and it has been running great. KDE/Plasma was my favorite DE going back to the early KDE 3 days and while I got away from it a bit during KDE/Plasma 4, Plasma 5 has been great. Being built on top of the Ubuntu LTS has proved this to be rock solid and I see this setup sticking around for a while.

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Fedora 29 Cinnamon running on my Macbook Air (Mid 2013)

My secondary laptop is a Macbook Air (Mid 2013). I’m not much of an OSX fan so after Korora went away this laptop went unused for awhile. I finally decided to try to get more use out of this laptop since the hardware was decent and I wanted something I could leave in my bag and just use when needed. I started with Fedora 29 XFCE but it still wasn’t feeling “right”. After pulling down the Cinnamon desktop this laptop felt good to use again. Fedora 29 has been great, the installer is better than Ubuntu’s, and it is a nice change to use a distro with a different base.

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BusenLabs Helium running on my Acer C720

For awhile now my Acer C720 has been the laptop I use to tinker with things. It started life as a Chromebook but has been running various Linux distros for quite some time. For a long period of time I was running Manjaro Fluxbox on it but as time went on it became harder to keep running. For a laptop that is only occasionally boot up, something base off of Debian is a perfect fit. Most DEs are too heavy for such a low powered laptop so running the Openbox WM is a good fit. I also liked CrunchBang so BunsenLabs feels right at home on this laptop.

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KDE Neon running on my Pinebook 11

A new pickup this year has been my Pinebook 11. I’m currently running KDE Neon on it while at the same time checking out a few other options. I like KDE Neon, but it quickly becomes bogged down when trying to do much. I know I’m limited by the low specs but the goal with this machine is to be able to run Chromium without having to wait forever for each page to load. This will probably be the first laptop to get the OS swapped this year as I am testing Q4OS and Arch XFCE, both of which seem to run a bit better.

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ChromeOS running on my Samsung Chromebook Plus (1st gen)

This machine ended up bench for awhile due to severe speed issues. After a number of reloads and testing I was able to track the issue down. When bluetooth is enabled it can slow down wifi speed and when my bluetooth trackball was paired, it would bring wifi speeds to a halt. After removing the pairing this machine went back to running great. Occasionally I can still overwhelm this machine due to the ARM processor but overall it is a great machine for media consumption.