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OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Plasma

As a former Mandrake/Mandriva user I like to keep an eye on the distros that branched out from it. It has been a while since I took a look at OpenMandriva so I felt it was time to take it for another spin.

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OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 on my HP Pavilion dm1

When I first started running Linux as my main OS it was with Mandrake 10.2. It was easy enough to get running and handled what I needed it to. When Mandrake became Mandriva I felt it started to go downhill and then a few years later it was gone. Since the demise of Mandrake/Mandriva I try to check in on the things that sprung up from its ashes. OpenMandriva didn’t work out when I tried it originally and while I found some nice things in ROSA, it was missing that certain something I needed for me to put it to real use. Mageia was also lacking but I plan to check it out again when version 7 is released.

I threw OpenMandriva on some real hardware as part of my search for a distro to run on my HP Pavilion dm1. I boot up into live mode and didn’t run into any noticable issues. From there I decided it was getting installed to my hard drive. It uses Calamares as an installer which works quite well. After installing I found the first issue, it hangs before loading the GUI. This is a quick fix though and will load after I click the mouse or trackpad. There is a bit too much preinstalled software for my taste but I was able to take care of it quickly since OpenMandriva now uses DNF for package management. There still is a bit of an issue with package management though as pulling down packages goes very slow. This may just be because this is recent release and the servers are being hit hard at the moment. Another issue with the package management I found was not being able to install screenfetch because I was getting a 404 for one of the files. I’ll have to check back in on that later. For now I plan to keep this distro around as it runs surprisingly well on this old laptop.

Update: Screenfetch now installs without an issue