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Peppermint 7

Oh god what happened‽ The super colorful icons, ugh! I really liked how Peppermint 6 looked so now I was worried before even getting it installed.

alt text

Peppermint 7 stock

alt text

Peppermint 7 cleaned up

After getting it installed everything ran fine but I couldn’t get over the theme. I played with the theme and icons and got it to a look I could deal with. Once cleaned up it was back to a distro I could deal with but there was nothing about it that made it stick. There is nothing that sells it for me over Xubuntu or LinuxMint XFCE. Yes it has some distro specific programs but they are not anything I use. Also it is built on Ubuntu LTS releases so it will end up quite out-of-date before the next version comes out (an issue it share with LinuxMint). Is it a bad distro? No. Is it good enough that I want to throw it on some physical hardware and keep using it? No. With this in mind it comes off as just another middle of the road Ubuntu spin.