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Raspbian 10 (Buster)

I’m holding off on getting a Raspberry Pi 4 for now due to the thermal issues but that isn’t stopping me from testing Rasbian 10 (Buster).

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Raspbian 10 on my Raspberry Pi 3+

With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi 4, a new version of Raspbian also arrived. Raspbian 10 (Buster) just hit and with 2 of my 3 Raspberry Pis free I decided to take it for a whirl. My Raspberry Pi 2 is tied up for the foreseable future running PiVPN and PiHole. As part of the PiHole setup it is handling DHCP for my network so I’m not pulling it out anytime soon. With a Raspberry Pi 3 and 3+ free I decided to go with the 3+ to get the best results. In short, this may be enough for what I need. I’ve been running Fedora 30 KDE on my old Dell Vostro 220 to handle some basic stuff and the 3+ with Raspbian 10 may just be enough to replace it. I’ve had to replace Atom with Geany for dealing with my documentation (in Markdown) and Etcher with dd (for creating flash drives to test) but I can deal with this. The Raspberry Pi 3+ sips power compared to the Vostro 220 with its Core 2 Duo so I can leave it on all the time and not notice. I whipped together i3lock for a lockscreen and made some other minor tweaks but the Debian base allows me to take care of things easily. I have got Chromium jammed up a few times on certain websites but I went into this knowing I didn’t have a whole lot of power in this machine. More than anything else this really makes me want a Raspberry Pi 4. I think the added power could make for a really good desktop for handling simple tasks. Once all the kinks are squared away I’ll have to order one to see if I am correct.