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Zorin OS 15 Core

So shiny, so slow.

alt text

Zorin OS 15 Core on my HP Pavilion dm1

It’s Gnome but it is decent. Unfortunatly this laptop is way too underpowered to run it in a usable way. Even opening the terminal causes a significant delay. While running updates, trying to open the terminal was a no-go and after updating, the application menu disappeared until after I reboot. I doubt these issues come down to the distro and are due to the old, underpowered laptop. Running this does show though how much lighter DE like Plasma and XFCE are as I have had both run decntly on this machine. Aesthetically this distro looks pretty great, but the issues with Gnome (like not being able to manually enter an location in Files) kill the urge to try this on better hardware.