Needs Podman or Docker installed


  • distrobox-create - creates the container
  • distrobox-enter - to enter the container
  • distrobox-list - to list containers created with distrobox
  • distrobox-rm - to delete a container created with distrobox
  • distrobox-stop - to stop a running container created with distrobox
  • distrobox-init - the entrypoint of the container (not meant to be used manually)
  • distrobox-export - it is meant to be used inside the container, useful to export apps and services from the container to the host
  • podman system df -v - check space used by containers

Create Distrobox container

  • distrobox-create --name <NAME> --image <DISTRO>:<TAG>
    • ex. distrobox-create --name ubuntu-22 --image ubuntu:22.04
    • ex. distrobox-create --name fedora-35 --image fedora:35
    • ex. distrobox-create --name arch-toolbox --image archlinux

Export Distrobox container

podman container commit -p distrobox_name image_name_you_choose
podman save image_name_you_choose:latest | gzip > image_name_you_choose.tar.gz

# Example
# podman container commit -p arch-toolbox arch-toolbox-2022-05-03
# podman save arch-toolbox-2022-05-03:latest | gzip > arch-toolbox-2022-05-03.tar.gz

Import Distrobox container

podman load < image_name_you_choose.tar.gz
distrobox create --image image_name_you_choose:latest --name distrobox_name
distrobox enter --name distrobox_name

# Example
# podman load < arch-toolbox-2022-05-03.tar.gz
# distrobox create --image arch-toolbox-2022-05-03:latest --name arch-toolbox
# distrobox enter --name arch-toolbox

Arch Linux GUI fix

  • Install xhost: pacman -S xorg-xhost
  • Allow access: xhost +si:localuser:$USER