MtheHorrible Bits of randomness

Manjaro with JWM

With how well Fluxbox has been working for me in Manjaro I decided to try another window manager.

LMDE4 Cinnamon

Even on an old slow laptop LMDE4 runs rather well.

Recreating Manjaro Fluxbox

Fluxbox may not be for everyone but I’ve always liked it.

Ubuntu Budgie 19.10

It’s not as configurable as KDE Plasma or XFCE but it is pretty slick.

Xubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 base and XFCE 4.14, spoiler: it’s good.

Manjaro 18.1.3 KDE

I used to run Manjaro XFCE as my main distro and KDE is my favorite desktop environment so this should be great right …right?

Kubuntu 19.10

Kubuntu was my favorite distro from 7.04 until they switched to KDE4. Then when 19.04 came out I went back to using it as my main OS. With Kubuntu 19.10 it continues to be a fantastic distro.