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KDE All The Things

Recently I have gone on a tear and reloaded all my machines and all of them are now running KDE Plasma.

Debian Sid vs. Siduction KDE

Two great Debian KDE distros

openSUSE Tumbleweed XFCE

Once installed, I was pleasently surprised.

Fedora 33 Fluxbox

I can’t seem to resist trying to built my perfect Fluxbox setup on every distro I like.

Manjaro 20.2 i3

The tiling windows manager workflow is interesting and I can think of some specific uses for it but I don’t know if it suites my needs.

Fedora 33 XFCE & Lubuntu 20.10

Two distros that keep an ancient laptop humming along

ArcoLinuxB Openbox

I always like a distro with a good *box setup